The Chinese Dream of the 21st Century

In the spirit of ancient Chinese wisdom and the collective spirits of Chinese sages and
pioneers, Laozi, Kong Fuzi, Sun Zhongshan, Mao Zedong & Deng Xiaoping among others,
we call all Chinese worldwide to rise up in the pursuit of the Chinese Dream of the 21st
Century – benevolence, civic duty, equality, liberty and pursuit of happiness under Scientific
GOD. We note here that some aspects of these sacred pursuits might been hindered by our
particular history, modern atheism and materialism. Thus, a new enlightenement of all
Chinese is the key to accomplish these sacred pursuits and transform Chinese societies. By
enlightening and transcending ourselves, we shall transform atheism and materialism to
scientific spirituality, curruption to righteousness, injustice to justice, inequality to equality
and restriction to liberty. GOD Bless Chinese People! May we all finally arrive at the “Gate
of Heavenly Peace and Justice” and start building GOD’s Paradise on Earth. So, let July 4th
Movement begin!

Sciurch V1(5): The Chinese Dream of the 21st Century