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Hello Morene, Where abouts did you live, when you were in England. I'm out on the coast of Norfolk, More
vaughn balding · Aug 7 '12
Your commitment is inspirational.
vaughn balding · Feb 23 '12


  • vaughn balding Well, this is exciting! The first version of the app is finished. It's called The Vaccine For Life. It was submitted to iTunes for review 2 days ago. If Apple think it's OK then we should hear from them in 7-10 days.
    Once Apple pass it and the marketing and website are in place, we can launch it.
    The marketing is an area where I need some help, you see, I'm really not good at the social networking thing, so, please, if there's anyone out there who would like to be involved in this effort to take our species to the next level of consciousness, or anyone who knows anyone who might have the skills required to send the app viral, please get in touch.
    The app has it's own Facebook page The Vaccine For Life
    Feb 19 '13 
  • Dec 5 '12
  • vaughn balding Well, a month late, but we've finally handed it over to the app developer. We've registered it's domain name and we're making a web page for it, we have the Facebook page up and running and as soon as we have the Twitter account registered I'll tell you it's name.
    Dec 5 '12 
  • Oct 15 '12
  • vaughn balding An app update. Progress with the Russian illustrator was too slow so I found another, an English girl. Her work is awesome. The initial illustration is done, we're adding an intro video and a set of notes that reference through youtube, so, at last it's all coming together. I'm hoping that within the next month we'll be able to give it to the IT guy.
    Oct 15 '12 
  • Aug 7 '12
  • In a Nutshell
    Hi, I’m Vaughn, from England.   I’ve been working on my concept for 56 years, that’s all my life, to date. It’s short and simple,...
    vaughn balding Hello Morene, Where abouts did you live, when you were in England. I'm out on the coast of Norfolk,...
    Feb 23 '12 · Discuss · Replies: 2 
  • Jul 31 '12
  • Administrator Hi Morene Morris, Welcome to Sciurch Community! For now the community is not that active, so please check out Scientific God Journal at http://scigod.com
    Jul 31 '12 
  • Huping Hu Hi Mr. Vaughn Balding, Welcome to Sciurch Community!
    Feb 24 '12 · 2  
    vaughn balding Thanks Huping Hu. My first name, Vaughn, means little man, my surname, Balding, well that speaks for itself!
    So, I'm a little balding man, which, if we ever meet, you will see is quite an appropriate title!!! :)
    Please, call me Vaughn.
    Feb 24 '12
    Morene Barker-Morris Hi I am morene,
    Jul 31 '12
  • Jul 31 '12 
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    Jul 31 '12 
  • Jul 30 '12
  • Morene Barker-Morris joined our site!
    Jul 30 '12 
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    May 15 '12 

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